Red Hot is the David Bowie

Androgynous singer, fashion trendsetting queen, and Goblin King, David Bowie is an honorary Yada, and contributes much to the threads, often entertaining us with videos from the 1970s and other such genderrific eras.

Born in England and later moved to the USA, Bowie has been an astronaut (Major Tom), Zig Fell to Earth, and was Ziggy Stardust (and hung around Spiders from Mars). Married to model Iman, Zig is also a fashion icon and shares pictures with the The Androgynous Look forum, since Ziggy can look male or female at will.

Other works include ruling over a yada-approved magical, goblin-filled Labyrinth.

Zigs life was the catalyst for the movie, Velvet Goldmine, which also has the Yada seal of approval.

Pronouns: Ziggy, Zig, Zigs