An event perpetrated by the [Threesome of SHAME] on the yadathread, consisting of a few pages of spam posts made during a [Yadachat] the Threesome were participating in. It was done during the night, when the yadathread showed the least activity, prompting many unsuspecting yadas to return to the thread in the morning only to catch up on several pages of conversation that mostly made no sense out of the context of the Yadachat. The [Lordyada] condemned the Threesome for this act of ridiculousness.

Since then, there have been multiple SHAMES carried out by various yadas and have generally become known as spamfests between just two or three yadas on a thread that goes further than just simply derailing the topic at hand, often done in CAPSLOCK and can include picspam and videospam. Most importantly, the posts are many, carried out in a short time period, often taking the unsuspecting by surprise, amusement, or disappointment.

SHAMES are a lot less common nowadays in the Yadaverse, possibly due to various volatile elements settling down as time passes and as the Yadaverse expands.